List of the 500 largest financial & investment advisors Germany [2024]

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Features of ResearchgermanyContains the 500 largest financial & investment advisors in Germany – downloadable as a practical Excel list.

Excellent level of detail: Useful information such as ranking (A-C) and permits of the financial advisors and investment consultants (GewO §34c,d,f,i,h, §32 KWG), general contact details (e-mail address, address, telephone number, management).

Suitable for serial letters: list contains columns for formal salutation, title, first and last name of the management.

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Our quality promise: High-quality lists thanks to manual data maintenance by our experienced research team in Munich. Boutique research instead of unchecked crawler data.

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List of the 500 largest insurance brokers, financial investment brokers and loan brokers in Germany

We offer a unique overview of the biggest and best investment advisors (or financial advisors) in Germany. Our list can be downloaded as a handy Excel file. The information contained is ideal for targeting and identifying relevant investment advisors. The listed investment advisors are active as financial investment brokers, insurance brokers and loan brokers. The areas in which the listed companies are active can be filtered through several columns, in which we record the existing licenses according to the Trade, Commerce and Industry Regulation Act (GewO). The list of investment advisors can also be sorted by the size of the firms (ranking from A to C).

Information in our list of the largest financial consultations

The information in the list is ideal for identifying the most relevant financial advisors in Germany, sorting them according to your specifications and then contacting them.

  • Address, e-mail, telephone number, name of the managing director
  • Form of address of the management suitable for serial letters (e.g. “Dear Dr. Müller”)
  • Can be sorted according to the existing licenses: §34c GewO (real estate broker), §34d GewO (insurance broker), §34f (financial investment broker), §34i GewO (real estate loan broker), §34h (fee-based investment advisor), $32 KWG
  • In addition, the list can be sorted by ranking from A to C

Picture source: Jingming Pan via Unsplash (23.08.2023)

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Methodology for our investment advisor ranking

We used several criteria in our selection of the largest financial advisors. On the one hand, we paid attention to relevant certifications of the employees (such as CFP – Chief Financial Planner), on the other hand, we collected customer feedback and searched Germany’s largest cities for the most relevant wealth advisors. The (subjective) ranking from A to C provides a guide to assess the size of wealth advisors.A-financial consultancies are often active throughout Germany and serve a large number of clients. B-financial consultancies are often regionally active, but have a large and professional team. C-financial consultancies are often individual consultants and smaller firms that are regionally active.

Sortable by licenses

  • §34c GewO (real estate broker)
  • §34d GewO (insurance broker)
  • §34f (financial investment broker)
  • §34i GewO (real estate loan broker)
  • §34h (fee-based investment advisor)

The list can be conveniently sorted by the licenses of the investment advisors. For example, it is possible to filter which investment advisors have a permit in accordance with §34f of the German Trade Regulation Act (Gewerbeordnung). This allows the advisors to broker financial investments. In a further column we indicate – if available – which products exactly may be mediated: Sentence 1: Open investment assets, Sentence 2: Closed investment assets, Sentence 3: Asset investments.Furthermore, you can filter whether you have a license to broker insurance (§34d), real estate loans (§34i) or real estate (§34c). You can also filter for fee-based investment advisors (§34h).

Are financial portfolio managers or asset managers (§32 KWG) included?

In general, we make a clear distinction between asset managers and investment advisors: asset managers hold a license under §32 of the German Banking Act (KWG) to manage financial portfolios, while investment advisors do not and instead only broker investments. We offer a separate product for the largest asset managers in Germany. However, the list of top asset advisors also includes some firms with Bafin approval according to §32 KWG. This is the case if insurance or real estate loans are also brokered, or if §32 KWG is available through a liability umbrella like Netfonds.

Picture source: Austin Distel via Unsplash (23.08.2023)


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