List of the 250 largest PV installers Switzerland [2023 Update]

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The list contains PV installers who actively install photovoltaic systems in Switzerland. Contains installers for private individuals as well as industrial and solar park installers.

Excellent level of detail: area of activity, top installer category, contact details, management, etc.

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Photovoltaics installers zurich

List of 3 large photovoltaic installers in Switzerland

Below we present three major PV installers in the Swiss market, which are also part of our list. Here we go into the history, business activity and key figures of the solar installers.

1. Helion Energy AG, Zuchwil

Helion Energy AG has been active in the solar market since 2008 and is one of the leading “energy solution companies” in the Swiss Confederation. Helion installs solar systems for both private and commercial customers. Several large projects have already been realized, such as a 1MWp plant for Streck Transport AG. Helion is also in charge of upcoming large-scale projects, such as the PV equipment of 77 ALDI stores. In addition to PV systems, Helion also installs heat pumps and e-mobility solutions.

2. MBRsolar AG, Wängi

MBRsolar AG was founded in 2006. Since then, the company has become a leading PV installer in Switzerland. In 2021, it reached over 100MWp of installed capacity. The company installs systems on single-family homes, for agriculture and businesses. The service portfolio includes project planning also plant monitoring and financial solutions for financing the PV plants.

3. BE Netz AG, Lucerne

The history of Lucerne-based BE Netz AG dates back to 1994. Today, more than 80 employees work for the company. In addition to regular PV installations, the company also offers innovative solar facades, for example for apartment buildings in Fahrwangen or in Buochs. BE Netz is also extremely active for industrial customers, such as Meyer BlechTechnik AG.

Picture source: Sungrow EMEA via Unsplash (31.07.2023)

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Methodology of the list creation

To compile our PV installer list, our research team conducted a detailed analysis of the Swiss solar industry. For this purpose, the top rated and most relevant PV installers were identified in each major city in Switzerland. The entries were primarily based on the number of installed systems and customer ratings. In addition, installers of ground-mounted systems and solar parks were identified with special focus. These were also immediately classified as “top installers”. In addition to major cities, regional areas were also searched for the leading installers. Since numerous installers also have websites that appear to be outdated at first glance, our team additionally called such entries and inquired about their current business activities.

Note: Despite our intensive research and detailed analysis, it is always possible that additional PV installers would need to be included based on installed capacity. For this, we are constantly updating the list and look forward to your input at contact [at]

Included information in the PV database

  • Address data (company name, postal code, address, canton, city)
  • Contact data (general phone number, e-mail address)
  • Managing director name
  • Top installer classification (e.g. for realization of solar parks and ground-mounted systems)

Picture source: Raphael Cruz via Unsplash (31.07.2023)


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