List of the 30 largest real estate investors in Portugal [2023]

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“The best overview of Portuguese real estate investors as an easy-to-use Excel list.”

Includes institutional investors, investment managers, project developers, real estate companies, REITs and pension funds that actively acquire real estate in Portugal.

Excellent depth of detail: purchase profile (asset classes and regional focus), link to purchase profile and assets under management if available, contact details, management board, etc.

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This list is based on the list of the 1,200 largest real estate investors in Europe.

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List of 3 real estate investors in Portugal

We have several real estate investors that are active in Portugal in our Database. To give you an idea what to expect from this list, we curated a list of 3 property investors that invest in Portugal.

1. SILVIP S.A. (Lisbon/Portugal)

SILVIP – Sociedade Gestora de Organismos de Investimento Coletivo- is a Lisbon based real estate fund manager. The company was established in 1987. The company manages multiple funds. SILVIP’s oldest fund is the Fund VIP. It is an open real estate investment fund that distributes income every three months. The minimum subscription amount is around EUR 50,000. An exemplary investment of the fund is the “Rua Júlio Dinis” in Porto.

2. Optylon Krea (Lisbon/Portugal)

Optylon Krea is a real estate investment management and development firm that focuses on mediterainian real estate markets. The company has four active funds that are currently open to subscription. One of these funds is the Prima Europe Fund that invests in prime residential investments. The fund is primarily active in Portugal but also in cities like Madrid, Milan or Athens. The company also owns and develops individual projects.

3. Temprano Capital (Madrid/Spain)

Temprano Capital is a real estate investor and developer headquartered in Madrid. The company currently has over USD 1 billion in assets under management and has a strong focus on the Iberian peninsula. Temprano has multiple portuguese residential properties in their portfolio. These are located in several Portuguese cities like Porto and Lisbon. An exemplary residential building is the “Livensa living Porto Boavista”.


Real Estate Investors Germany Data

These investor types are included in the list:

  • Investment managers
  • Real estate companies
  • Project developers with portfolio acquisition
  • Private equity investors
  • REITs
  • Pension funds
  • Foundations

These property types are purchased:

  • Residential real estate
  • Office properties
  • Retail real estate
  • Logistics real estate
  • Light industrial real estate
  • Hotel real estate
  • Data center
  • Parking garages
  • Nursing homes

Investors in the list are interested in:

  • Core Real Estate
  • Value add real estate
  • Sales-and-Leaseback
  • Trophy real estate
  • Distressed Assets
  • Project developments and forward deals
  • Debt investments
Property Investors Portugal

 Included columns in our directory

  • Company data (name, legal form, country of origin)
  • Contact details (address, URL, e-mail, telephone number, management)
  • Investor type (investment manager, REIT, pension fund, private equity, etc.)
  • Investment focus (asset classes, ranking from A to E, (global) investment volume / assets under management, detailed geographical focus)
  • Special investment focus (debt, parking, forward deals, etc.)
  • Link to the acquisition profile of the companies and contact details of an acquisition manager (if indicated on the investors’ website)

Where are the investors from?

Domestic real estate investors in Portugal are all located in the country’s largest city and capital Lisbon. The city is Portugal’s main economic centre and financial hub. Foreign real estate investors often come from other European nations like Germany, France or the neighbouring Spain.

Our database of the most important real estate investors in Portugal

Research Germany provides the most comprehensive database of Portuguese real estate investors. Our overview is perfect for all players in the real estate industry who are looking for the right buyer for properties of different types. We have already helped numerous brokers, project developers, co-investors, consultants, developers and asset managers to acquire customers and partners in Portugal. The contact database can be easily ordered via our online shop and is provided directly as a clearly arranged Excel file for download. Our well-researched list of the largest real estate investors in Portugal is guaranteed to include companies that you do not yet have in your address database. The listed real estate buyers come partly from Portugal and partly from abroad.

Largest investors with international origins

Portugal is one of the largest economies in the EU and has been attracting increasing numbers of investors from all over the world in recent years. For this reason, our database of the most important real estate buyers contains not only companies from Portugal, but from many other countries. For example, professional real estate investors from the UK, Germany, France, Singapore, USA, China or Switzerland are included in the overview. Many of the companies listed are active throughout the country, with Lisbon, Porto, Vila Nova de Gaia, and Amadora being particularly popular with many buyers. Especially investors for hotels, resorts and holiday properties are highly interested in coastal regions like the Algarve, and islands like Madeira and the Azores.

Asset classes in our list: residential, office, logistics, retail, care, hospitality

The real estate market can be divided into different asset classes, which are characterised by very different structures and characteristics. The team of Research Germany knows that specialized investors operate in the individual segments. To help you easily identify the right real estate buyer for your project, our overview contains several columns that show all relevant asset classes. With just one click you can filter by investment companies that invest in residential real estate, office real estate, retail and shopping centers, logistics or light industrial real estate, hotels and vacation properties or care properties. The largest companies are often active in several segments, while smaller companies often focus on individual areas.

Database of real estate investors Portugal

Top-notch customer support: free preview files, free updates

Good customer support is our top priority. It includes that we provide you with free preview files of our lists if you want to get a first impression of our products. That way you can follow the structure of the database and convince yourself that the data sets are up-to-date. A further service is that we provide continuous updates of our overviews. You will even receive updates and extensions free of charge in the first year after purchase. After that, we will gladly inform you about the completion of an update and offer it to you at a low price. Do you have a query about our list of the largest Spanish real estate investors? Feel free to contact us! Even if you have general questions or suggestions about our products, we would be happy to hear from you at contact[at]

Based on extensive research and deal monitoring

How do we get to the data in our list of the most important real estate investors in Portugal? The answer to this question is that we and our team conduct detailed market research and have a constant look at current deals. In this way we can find out who has bought which building and which co-investors may have been involved. Once we have found out the name of a relevant investor, we analyse their purchase profile and any other information we can find. We then summarize the research results for you in a clear and concise manner. It is also important to mention that all information is publicly available on the website or in the annual reports of the companies. So you don’t need to be afraid of data protection issues and can use our product with a clear conscience.

The list is part of our European real estate investors list

We offer lists of real estate investors from different countries in Europe. In addition to the real estate investors Portugal list, these include, for example, our overview of the 600 largest real estate buyers in Germany or the database of the most important Swiss real estate buyers. All regional lists are excerpts from our comprehensive database of the most relevant real estate investors in Europe. We have closely examined the European real estate market and are now able to map more than 1200 investors. If you are interested in specific sections of our database, please do not hesitate to contact us. For example, a list of the largest buyers of logistics real estate in a specific region or a list of investors who are active throughout Europe would be conceivable. We look forward to receiving your message.

Top Spain Real Estate Investors Research Germany List

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