Property investor in Bordeaux: La Française REM

Property investor in Bordeaux: La Française REM

The following article was created to aid in the research for our list of the largest property investors in France. It includes in-depth acquisition profiles, as well as contact information and any available AUM figures.

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La Française Real Estate Managers (REM), a well-known French real estate management company with assets under management of 32 billion euros, has made a strategic purchase in the real estate sector. The company acquired a business park from SCI Porta Romana in the industrial area of Saint-Jean-d’Illac, to the west of Bordeaux. This acquisition was completed for a collective real estate investment fund with more than 4 million euros and reflects La Française REM’s ongoing commitment to commercial real estate.

La Française REM remains an active investor this year. A few weeks ago we reported that the investor had acquired a retail property in Nice for €9M.

Location advantages and future-oriented planning of the industrial park in Bordeaux

The location of the industrial park at 91 Impasse Johannes Kepler offers significant advantages, as it is located in an active industrial area with more than 300 companies and is only a few kilometers away from major transport hubs such as the Rocade freeway and Bordeaux airport. The total area of the warehouse is 3,960 m², including 500 m² of office space, and is equipped with efficient heating and cooling systems. The property is currently fully let to a company specializing in the import of Italian catering products. Future-oriented measures such as the installation of solar panels are planned by 2028. Thierry Molton, Managing Director of La Française REM’s retail division, emphasizes the benefits of the ten-year guarantee for the property, which complies with current energy standards and highlights the tenant base, which has been in place since 2010, as minimizing the letting risk, in addition to the favorable location for the booming e-commerce sector.

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