These 3 Swiss real estate investors are interested in logistics real estate

These 3 Swiss real estate investors are interested in logistics real estate

Logistics properties are used for warehousing, order picking and distribution of goods, but they are often also suitable for alternative uses – for example as work and production areas. This makes logistics properties interesting as investments. These 3 Swiss companies (also) invest in logistics real estate. This article is based on the unique List of the 100 most important real estate investors in Switzerland.

  • Article based on database of the 100 most important real estate investors in Switzerland
  • Includes: asset volume, focus, contact details, management, etc.
  • Listing of investors who actively acquire real estate in various asset classes (residential, office, retail, logistics, light industrial, health care)
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1. REBA IMMOBILIEN AG, Susten: Investments in the DACH region and in Hungary

REBA IMMOBILIEN in Susten in the canton of Valais has focused on real estate investments in various segments. Target markets are Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Hungary. The company is active as a real estate investor, portfolio holder, builder and project developer – as well as an intermediary for off-market transactions. Within this framework REBA IMMOBILIEN is also involved in logistics properties. We are looking for good locations in major German cities, in Switzerland preferably in the Zurich area, in Austria in the Vienna area – investment volume from 1 million euros.

2. Stoneweg SA, Geneva: Logistics properties sought as Realtech Commercial properties

Stoneweg has been in existence since 2015 and is an investment company which, as an asset manager, pursues various property-related investment strategies on behalf of clients. The investment focus is on Switzerland, Spain, Italy and the USA. Logistics real estate is part of the “SWISS REALTECH COMMERCIAL INCOME” strategy. Since the launch of this strategy in 2019, CHF 220 million has already been invested. The company is looking for commercial properties that will benefit particularly from the trend towards digitalization – these include logistics properties (keyword: e-commerce).

3. ACRON AG, Zurich: Logistics locations sought in Western Europe

ACRON has existed since 1981 and is active as a real estate investor and asset manager on behalf of particularly wealthy private customers and family offices. In addition to Switzerland, the company is also represented in Germany, Luxembourg, the USA and Brazil. ACRON invests in various real estate segments. For logistics properties, locations in Western Europe are sought – preferably with development potential and good rail, road and shipping connections.
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