These 3 Swiss real estate investors are interested in office properties

These 3 Swiss real estate investors are interested in office properties

Office properties are a sought-after segment in the real estate market. Prices have risen sharply in recent years, particularly in economically strong locations. This is one reason for Swiss real estate investors to become involved here. These 3 companies invest in office real estate. This article is based on the unique List of the 100 most important real estate investors in Switzerland.

  • Article based on database of the 100 most important real estate investors in Switzerland
  • Includes: asset volume, focus, contact details, management, etc.
  • Listing of investors who actively acquire real estate in various asset classes (residential, office, retail, logistics, light industrial, health care)
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1. Mobimo Management AG, Küsnacht: CHF 3.363 million Assets under management (mid-202020)

Mobimo Management in Küsnacht near Zurich is one of the five largest real estate companies in Switzerland. Its business model includes both real estate management and project development. Mobimo invests in residential, commercial and office properties in German-speaking and French-speaking Switzerland. Geographically, a particular focus is on the Zurich area and the Geneva/Lausanne region. The property portfolio currently comprises 138 properties. A typical Mobimo project is the Am Mattenhof complex in the Lucerne suburb of Kriens, completed in 2019 – an ensemble of 175 apartments, 21,000 sqm of office space and 7,000 sqm of retail space.

2. Akara Funds AG, Zug: CHF 1.272 m Goss Asset Value (2019)

Akara Funds is an independent real estate investment company founded in 2016. The Akara Funds purchase properties of various types of use throughout Switzerland – including office properties – for the Akara Funds. Currently, around a quarter of the real estate portfolio – over 90 properties in total – is invested in office uses. Geographically, the focus is on the Zurich area, as well as on north-western Switzerland, the Bern area and the Lake Geneva region. A typical office investment is a property acquired in Zurich’s Herostrasse in 2018 with approx. 6,250 sqm of office space and a market value of almost CHF 20 million.

3. Swiss Life Asset Managers, Zurich: EUR 89.9 billion Assets under management (2019)

Swiss Life is the largest life insurer in Switzerland. Swiss Life Asset Managers forms a subgroup for asset management within the Swiss Life Group. The Real Estate business unit within the subgroup operates as a leading European real estate investor and manager. The real estate portfolio is broadly diversified. A good third of it consists of office properties. In addition to Switzerland, Swiss Life Asset Managers invests in France, Germany, Luxembourg and the UK. The German real estate service provider Corpus Sireo belongs to Swiss Life Asset Managers.
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