These 3 Swiss real estate investors are interested in residential property

These 3 Swiss real estate investors are interested in residential property

Residential real estate is considered a well calculable and quite safe investment. Rental income guarantees stable earnings, while the high demand for residential space counteracts vacancies and leads us to expect rising rents. Here are 3 Swiss companies where residential real estate is part of the investment strategy. This article is based on the unique List of the 100 most important real estate investors in Switzerland.

  • Article based on database of the 100 most important real estate investors in Switzerland
  • Includes: asset volume, focus, contact details, management, etc.
  • Listing of investors who actively acquire real estate in various asset classes (residential, office, retail, logistics, light industrial, health care)
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1. Allreal Holding AG, Baar: investment focus on Zurich

Allreal Holding is a Swiss construction and real estate company that originally emerged from the Oerlikon-Bührle Group. The company has been in existence in its current form since 1999, with real estate investments and property management forming a mainstay of its business. A good half of the real estate portfolio is located in the city of Zurich, more than a third in the canton of Zurich, and the rest in the rest of Switzerland. The residential real estate portfolio currently (2020) comprises 21 properties, 6 of which are in Zurich, 11 in the Canton of Zurich and 4 in the rest of Switzerland.

2. Fundamenta Group, Zug: residential real estate in German-speaking Switzerland

The Fundamenta Group is a Swiss service provider and asset manager in the real estate sector. The investment activities are bundled in the subsidiary Fundamenta Real Estate AG. The focus is on residential real estate and, to a lesser extent, commercial properties. Geographically, the company invests primarily in German-speaking Switzerland. The company is looking for residential properties in the medium rental price range with value development potential and as yet unused optimisation opportunities. The real estate assets had a balance sheet value of a good CHF 900 million in 2019. The residential share was over 90 percent.

3. Realstone SA, Lausanne: residential properties for Swiss Property funds

Realstone SA belongs to Realstone Holding SA and manages real estate funds. Two real estate funds are operated under the umbrella of Realstone SA: RSP REALSTONE SWISS PROPERTY and RDF REALSTONE DEVELOPMENT FUND. The Swiss Property Fund, launched in 2008, invests primarily in residential real estate. Fund assets currently (2020) stand at around CHF 1 billion. The portfolio comprises around 60 properties in German-speaking and French-speaking Switzerland. Realstone SA has offices in Geneva and Zurich.
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