These 3 venture capital investors from the USA invest in consumer goods start-ups

These 3 venture capital investors from the USA invest in consumer goods start-ups

Winning American venture capital investors as partners for market entry in the USA

The American market is the most important worldwide for most consumer goods manufacturers. For many start-ups, therefore, an important step in growth lies in entering the US market. US venture capitalists are particularly important in this respect, bringing not only capital but also a well-developed network and expertise. We support our clients in finding the right partner for the next financing round by providing high-quality address databases. One helpful database is our list of the top 350 single family offices in the USA. We also offer a list of the top 250 venture capital funds in the USA, which contains detailed information on the investment focus of the companies. In this article, we present three investors from this list who have made a name for themselves in recent years and decades as early-stage financiers for start-ups in the consumer goods sector (FMCG).
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#1: Maveron: “Consumer-Only Venture Capital” with a diverse investment approach

Maveron focuses on financing young companies that offer products for everyday life. The venture capital investor divides the portfolio companies into the segments Live, Eat, Money, Move, Enjoy and Buy. The company invests not only in physical products, but also in technological solutions and Internet companies in the B2C sector. The most recent fund was set up in 2019 and is intended to continue Maveron’s success story. Probably the best known and most valuable exit is Groupon, although the venture capital investor has also made numerous other good exits. Considering the investment stage, Maveron mainly participates in seed and early stage rounds.

#2: Silas Capital: Venture Capital and Growth Equity for modern consumer goods brands

The New York-based investor Silas Capital is a perfect example of a venture capital investor that focuses entirely on consumer goods companies. The portfolio consists of cosmetics start-ups, modern food companies and other companies in the B2C sector that offer physical products for everyday life. The regional focus is on the USA and the ticket indices are between USD 3 million and USD 10 million for growth investments and between USD 100 thousand and USD 500 thousand for early stage venture capital investments. Silas Capital’s many years of expertise in this field enables it to provide the portfolio companies with expert support in brand building and growth. The company is particularly unusual in that it largely refrains from technology- and software-driven start-ups.

#3: Evolv Ventures: Corporate Venture Capital Fund of Kraft Heinz for the food industry

The research team of Listenchampion has often reported on the venture capital ambitions of established food companies (see e.g. here on the Krueger Group and Hafervoll). Evolv Ventures fits well into the picture as a corporate venture capital investor of Kraft Heinz and shows how ambitious American groups are when it comes to start-up scouting and investment. Evolv Ventures is dedicated to the entire food industry and does not exclusively invest in classic food start-ups. Rather, topics such as retail, logistics and consumer tech are also considered. In the area of food start-ups, the focus is on “food tech”, which describes companies that offer innovative food solutions. These can be start-ups that develop protein alternatives, for example.

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