Venture Capital Investor from Munich – Acton sells momox share

Venture Capital Investor from Munich - Acton sells momox share

Almost everyone knows the term e-commerce, but many people are probably unfamiliar with re-commerce. However, there is a well-known concept behind it: the concept of the Second-Hand shop, except that the trade takes place online. This is exactly the business model of momox. Now Acton Capital Partners has sold its momox shares to the investment company Verdane and thus realized its exit. This article is based on the unique List of the 200 most important venture capital investors Germany.

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After ten years time for exit – sale to Swedish equity funds

Momox GmbH exists since 2006 and is a pioneer in re-commerce in Germany and has found many imitators. momox does its business with the purchase and sale of used books and other media. Since a few years also clothing is marketed according to the second hand principle. Obviously a worthwhile business. In 2019 momox achieved an annual turnover of about 250 million Euro.

For Acton Capital Partners, the time had obviously come now to dispose of the momox holding profitably. The venture capital investor was founded in Munich in 1999 and now has a second headquarters in Vancouver/Canada. Investments in innovative digital business models are the focus of Acton Capital Partners. Geographically, it concentrates on start-ups in Germany, the rest of the EU, Great Britain and North America. Ten years ago Acton was the first investor in momox. The buyer of the Acton investment is the Swedish fund Verdane Capital X of the Norwegian investment company Verdane. The investment investor has been involved in software, consumer goods, Internet, energy and high-tech companies since 2003. To this end, Verdane sets up funds under Swedish or Danish law. Verdane Capital X had already invested in momox in the fall of 2018, and the fund has held a majority stake in the company since the end of 2019. With the Acton share the investment now increases to 85%.
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