List of 3 office real estate investors from Switzerland

List of 3 office real estate investors from Switzerland

In our unique list you will find many office real estate investors from Switzerland. Many of them invest in Switzerland as well as abroad. We have analyzed 3 representative companies of the list for you in more detail.

The real estate investors listed below are all part of our List of the 150 largest real estate investors in Switzerland

  • Includes institutional investors, investment managers, project developers, real estate companies, REITs and pension funds that actively acquire office real estate in Europe.
  • Excellent depth of detail: purchase profile (asset classes and regional focus), link to purchase profile and assets under management if available, contact details, management board, etc.
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1. Swiss Prime Site Immobilien AG (Olten)

Swiss Prime Site Immobilien is the real estate investment arm of the Swiss Prime Site Group. The company invests in first-class properties that are primarily used by commercial tenants. The company focuses on the conversion, development, and modernization of entire sites. The company currently manages assets of 12 billion Swiss francs. An exemplary investment is the SkyKey in Zurich. The property is a high-rise office building in the center of Zurich. In addition to office space, the building has a cafeteria, retail space and over 250 parking spaces. The property was completed in 2014 and has a usable floor space of 41,251sqm.

2. PSP Swiss Property Ltd (Zug)

PSP Swiss Property is a publicly traded real estate company based in Zug since March 2000. The company manages a real estate portfolio worth CHF 9 billion. The main part of the portfolio consists of office and commercial properties in prime locations in the largest and economically most important cities of the country. The company holds properties in line with its strategy on a long-term basis with the aim of increasing their value through optimal use and strategically sensible renovations. One exemplary property is the Grosspeter Tower in Basel. The skyscraper is 78 meters high and is one of the most eye-catching buildings in the city. The property was built in 2017 and has an available area of 18,007sqm, 63% of which or 11,426sqm is leased for office space.

3. GreySky Properties AG (Basel)

Greysky is a real estate company based in Basel. The focus is on office and commercial properties in A and B locations in Switzerland. The company’s investment strategy follows the buy-and-hold strategy. The company’s portfolio currently consists of two properties. One of these properties is an office building in Aesch in the canton of Basel. The property has a rental area of 5,398sqm and a market value of 14 million Swiss francs.

Picture Source: Patrick Federi

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