List of the 3 largest construction companies from Bern (Canton)

The construction industry is an important sector in all countries of the world. Switzerland’s geographical location poses special challenges for the companies based here. Below we have picked out 3 highly interesting companies for you. All 3 are part of our list of the 100 largest construction companies in Switzerland.

  • Contains the 100 top-selling construction producers from Switzerland from numerous segments such as building construction, civil engineering, road construction, tunnel construction, turnkey construction, earthworks, civil engineering, reconstruction, renovation, etc.
  • Excellent level of detail: industry and area of activity, sales if publicly available (2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015), number of employees if publicly available, general contact details, names of management, etc.
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1. Frutiger AG, Thun: CHF 802 million turnover

Frutiger is a long-established Thun-based family business founded in 1869 by Johann Frutiger and now run by the fourth generation of his descendants. In the second half of the 19th century, the company was involved in various road, railroad and hotel construction projects and played a major role in the development of tourism in the Lake Thun region. Today, the company’s business focuses on infrastructure construction (underground construction, civil engineering, road construction and special civil engineering) and building construction. Frutiger also carries out project development for residential and commercial real estate. The company employs almost 2,700 people and has developed into a group with 21 subsidiaries.

2. GLB Genossenschaft, Langnau i.E.: CHF 178 million turnover

GLB is a company founded in 1968 on a cooperative basis with approximately 14,000 members. The abbreviation “GLB” originally stood for “Genossenschaft für Landwirtschaftliches Bauen”, since 2000 for “Genossenschaft für Leistungsorientiertes Bauen”. By merging with other GLB’s and taking over various construction companies, GLB Genossenschaft has developed into a regionally organized group. The business model is planning and realization of construction projects with focus on residential construction (new construction, reconstruction and renovation), furthermore service and maintenance of building services. GLB Genossenschaft also builds industrial and commercial properties, public buildings and agricultural buildings.

3. Emch+Berger Holding AG, Berne: 105 million CHF turnover

Emch+Berger traces its roots to the engineering firm founded in Berne in 1919 by H. + E. Salzmann. When new shareholders joined the company in 1953, the name was changed to Emch+Berger. The object of today’s group of companies is classical civil engineering services – engineering consulting and supervision of construction projects. The focus is on infrastructure, real estate, structural engineering, energy and environment, mobility and transport, and surveying. Emch+Holding AG acts as the corporate umbrella for nearly a dozen subsidiaries, some of which are regional and others specialized. The Group employs around 750 people, who are also shareholders.

Picture Source: Unsplash ( Andreas Fischinger, 19.01.22)

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