List of the 3 largest logistics companies from Bern (city)

List of the 3 largest logistics companies from Bern (city)

Switzerland has a weighty logistics industry. In addition, Switzerland is an important transit country for logistics throughout Europe. Below we have compiled a list of 3 logistics companies. All 3 companies are part of our list of the largest logistics companies in Switzerland.

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1. Swiss Post Ltd.: CHF 7.1 billion in revenue

The history of Swiss Post dates back to 1849 when the Swiss Federal Post Office was founded. Today, the company is primarily responsible for the mail, parcel and general cargo logistics business in Switzerland. Other business areas: Bus transport (PostAuto AG) and financial services (PostFinance AG). Swiss Post is wholly owned by the federal government and is a joint stock company under special law. The company emerged from the former Swiss PTT in 1998 and has been an AG since 2013. With 54,000 employees, 48,000 of them in Switzerland, it is one of the largest employers in the country.

2. Post CH AG : approx. 5.2 billion CHF turnover (estimated).

As a subsidiary, Post CH AG represents the core business of Swiss Post. It operates on the market under the brand name “Die Post” and comprises the business units PostNetz, PostMail, SwisspostSolutions (together: communications unit) and Postlogistics. Specifically, this involves the letter mail and parcel business, including value-added services. Postlogistics employs just under 6,000 people, while 24,000 work in the communications sector. In 2020, Swiss Post transported around 1.7 billion addressed letter items and over 190 million parcels. The number of letter items is declining due to digitization, while the parcel business is booming thanks to e-commerce.

3. BLS Cargo AG: CHF 277 million revenue

BLS Cargo is a Swiss transport service provider focusing on rail freight transport. The company is a subsidiary of BLS AG, which was formed by merger in 2006. BLS is majority-owned by the Canton of Berne (55.75 percent) with a 21.7 percent federal shareholding. BLS Cargo is 52 percent owned by BLS AG, with other owners being SNCF Logistics (45 percent) and Ambrogio Trasporti (3 percent). BLS Cargo’s business focuses on rail freight transport in Switzerland, including service on the Lötschberg-Simplon and Gotthard transit axes. Its market share is a good quarter, its main competitor being SBB Cargo.

Picture Source: Unsplash (Barrett Ward, 11.02.22)

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