List of the 3 Largest Industrial Companies in Lower Saxony, Germany

list of the 3 largest industrial companies in lower saxony germany

Lower Saxony is not a classic industrial state. After all, a good 500,000 state residents are employed in industry. Wolfsburg with the Volkswagen headquarters and Hanover are the industrial centres of the state. Here the 3 largest industrial companies in Lower Saxony. The companies presented here are also part of our list of the largest industrial companies in Germany. 

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1st place: Volkswagen AG, Wolfsburg: Revenues of €252.6 Billion (2019)

With Volkswagen AG in Wolfsburg, Lower Saxony has a real industrial heavyweight. VW is a global corporation, Germany’s largest industrial company and one of the TOP 3 car manufacturers in the world. The state of Lower Saxony holds an 11.8 percent stake in Volkswagen AG. In addition to the main plant in Wolfsburg, there are other VW locations in Lower Saxony in Hanover, Brunswick, Emden, Osnabrück and Salzgitter. Of the 670,000 VW employees, around 54,000 work in Wolfsburg and a further 41,000 at the other locations in Lower Saxony.

2nd place: Continental AG, Hanover: Revenues of €44.5 Billion (2019)

Continental is primarily known as a tire manufacturer, but has also positioned itself as a supplier of automotive technology (autonomous driving, safety technology, networking) for several years now. Continental is the world’s fourth-largest manufacturer of tires and thus also one of the largest automotive suppliers. The company has more than 241,000 employees worldwide and has been controlled primarily by the Schaeffler family of companies through Schaeffler Holding since 2009. Continental and Schaeffler AG are sister companies.

3rd place: ENERCON GmbH, Aurich: Revenues of €4.5 Billion (2018)

ENERCON in Aurich in East Frisia is the largest German manufacturer of wind turbines. The company was founded in 1984 by the engineer Aloys Wobben and has grown with the expansion of renewable energies and the energy turnaround in Germany. In addition to the largest plant in Aurich, the company has production sites in Emden, Südbrookmerland and Haren in Lower Saxony. ENERCON also produces in Magdeburg, Sweden, Portugal, Brazil and Turkey. ENERCON employs a total of around 13,000 people.

Picture source: Julian Hochgesang

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