List of the 3 largest medical technology companies from Biel/Bienne (city)

Database of the 3 largest medical technology companies from Biel/Bienne

The Swiss have always been a pioneer in medical technology. In the following we present 3 medical technology companies from Biel/Bienne. All 3 are part of our list of the 100 largest medical technology companies in Switzerland.

  • Contains the 100 top-selling medical technology companies from Switzerland from numerous segments such as implants, laboratory technology, surgical systems, orthopedic products, diagnostic systems, medical instruments, etc.
  • Excellent level of detail: industry and field of activity, sales if publicly available (2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015), number of employees if publicly available, general contact details, names of the executives, etc.
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1. Cendres+Métaux SA: 146 million CHF turnover

Cendres+Métaux (CM) is a comapny from Biel/Bienne that has been in existence since 1924. At that time, it emerged from the merger of two precious metal smelters. After discontinuing jewellery manufacturing in 2016, the business still includes two areas: Medtech and Luxury Industry. In the medtech sector, CM supplies dental implants, alloys for crowns and bridges, and also neurological implants and implants and components for replacing middle ear bones. The medtech sector accounts for about 47 percent of sales. In the “luxury area,” CM manufactures precision mechanical parts, cases and other components for exclusive watches. The company employs around 400 people, 85 percent of whom work in Biel/Bienne.

2. MPS Micro Precision Systems AG: no current turnover available (estimated > CHF 65 million)

MPS Micro Precision Systems was founded in 1936 as Roulements Miniatures Bienne. In 2000, the company changed its name to Myonic SA. With the acquisition of Myonic’s micro systems division by the German Faulhaber Group, MPS Micro Precision Systems was founded. MPS manufactures miniaturized high-precision instruments and components for a wide range of applications. In addition to medical instruments and systems – particularly in the field of orthopedics – MPS offers solutions for watchmaking, aerospace, automation technology, optics and photonics, and scientific research. The medical technology portfolio includes instruments for orthopedic surgery and trauma surgery, as well as active implants for urology and orthopedics.

3. Bien-Air Dental SA: no current turnover available

Bien-Air Dental started in 1959 in Biel as a “garage company.” The company became big with the development and production of high-quality medical precision instruments. In 2001, it split into two companies: Bien-Air Dental for dental technology and Bien-Air Surgery for microsurgery applications. Today, the dental company is a leading supplier in the field of dental technology. The product portfolio includes implantology systems, maintenance and disinfection solutions, turbines, micromotors, contra-angle handpieces and laboratory equipment. Bien-Air Dental is family-owned and employs approximately 400 people. Dental technology from Bien-Air Dental is sold in over 100 countries around the globe.

Picture Source: Unsplash ( National Cancer Institute, 21.12.21)

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