List of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Bavaria

List of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Bavaria

The Bavarian pharmaceutical industry employs around 26,000 people, the sector stands for around 4.5 billion euros in added value per year and is thus an important Bavarian branch of industry. Munich is the center of pharmaceutical research in the Free State. Here the 3 largest Bavarian pharmaceutical manufacturers: This article is based on the unique List of the 150 largest pharmaceutical companies in Germany.

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Place 1: Hexal AG, Holzkirchen: 1.4 billion euros turnover (2018)

Hexal was founded in 1986 by the two Strüngmann brothers and quickly developed into one of the leading generic drug manufacturers in Germany. Today Hexal has 3,700 employees and produces around 5,900 different drugs. In 2005, the two owners sold Hexal to Novartis. There the company is part of the new Sandoz subgroup, which represents the generics division of Novartis. Like Hexal, Sandoz is located in Holzkirchen, Upper Bavaria.

Place 2: Bionorica SE, Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz: 334 million sales (2019)

The herbal drug manufacturer Bionorica has existed since 1933. Originally founded in Nuremberg, the company’s headquarters were moved to Neumarkt in the Upper Palatinate after the Second World War. Bionorica has focused entirely on phytopharmaceuticals and homeopathic medicines for various fields of application. The German market share in this area is about one sixth. The cold remedies Sinupret and Bronchipret are particularly well-known. The family-owned company has around 1,700 employees.

Place 3: HERMES ARZNEIMITTEL GmbH, Pullach-Großhesselohe: around 230 million euros turnover (2018)

HERMES ARZNEIMITTEL – a medium-sized Bavarian pharmaceutical manufacturer whose main focus is on self-medication – is located directly outside Munich in the Pullach district of Großhesselohe. The enterprise was created 1907 and is in family estate. The business comprises two divisions: OTC and Pharma. In the OTC sector, branded pharmaceuticals, dietary foods, food supplements and dermopharmaceuticals are produced for pharmacy distribution. In the Pharmaceuticals division produces effervescent and chewable tablets for other manufacturers and the pharmacy business.

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