List of the 150 largest hotel investors in Germany [2023 Update]

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Includes institutional investors, investment managers, project developers, real estate companies, REITs and pension funds that actively acquire hospitality properties and hotels in Germany.

Excellent depth of detail: purchase profile (asset classes and regional focus), link to purchase profile and assets under management if available, contact details, management board, etc.

Last update: 05.01.2023. Free preview available on request via contact [at] or live chat.

This list is based on our comprehensive list of the 600 largest real estate investors in Germany.

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List of 3 hotel investors in Germany

In the following we present three hotel investors from our list. So you can get a better impression of the companies included.

1. AccorInvest Group SA (Luxembourg)

In 2017, SA AccorInvest was spun off from the real estate division of the Accor Group. In just 3 years, the Luxembourg-based hotel investor has made a name for itself throughout the industry and now owns over 900 hotels in 31 countries and has an annual turnover of €4 billion. The hotel investor has over 90% of its hotels in Europe, most of them in France, Germany and England.

2. 12.18. Investment Management GmbH (Düsseldorf)

12.18. Investment Management GmbH includes 12.18. asset management on the one hand and 12.18. hotel management on the other. The GmbH was founded in 2006 and received its current name in 2016 – the investor’s headquarters are in Düsseldorf. During this time the company has invested a total of €485 million and now owns over 7 million m² of floor space. The investment focus is on German, European and international holiday regions, preferably 4 or 5 star hotels/resorts in exposed locations.

3. Deka Real Estate Investment GmbH (Frankfurt)

At Deka Immobilien Investment GmbH, ~600 experts work together and thus bundle sound knowledge. The investment focus of the Frankfurt-based GmbH is on office, retail, logistics and hotel properties. With over €43 billion in total assets, almost 1.5 million private and 400+ institutional investors and over 10 million m² of rental space, Deka Immobilien Investments is one of the largest globally active property investors in Germany.

Research Germany - List of 100 Largest Hotel Real Estate Investors

Database of the most important hotel investors in Germany available as Excel list

Our list of the largest hotel buyers in Germany is perfect for addressing potential investors for hospitality real estate of all kinds. The overview can be easily purchased through our online shop and is available for download as an Excel file. The comprehensive address database is used by successful brokers, co-investors, hotel owners, project developers, asset managers and consultants to target the right investors. The list contains not only contact information (address, e-mail, telephone, management), but also a ranking by size, information on the acquisition profile (by asset class and geographical focus) and details of the assets under management. Whether you are looking to sell a 5-star hotel, a holiday apartment complex or a small boutique hotel – our investor directory will help you. The most important hotel investors in Germany are sometimes hard to find, so we will relieve you of the hours of research and you can start approaching them directly.

Research Germany - List of 100 Largest Hotel Real Estate Investors

List of the largest hotel investors in Germany contains professional buyers from Europe, the USA, Asia and more

As part of our research into the top 1,200 real estate investors in Europe, we also took a close look at the hotel industry. This enables us to map the most relevant investors of all asset classes with Research Germany and make the difficult to understand market of hotel investors accessible. Our market research has shown that a particularly large number of foreign investment companies are active in the European and German hotel segment. For this reason, our database contains not only German hotel investors, but also numerous companies from other EU countries, the USA, Qatar, Singapore, China etc. Purely German address databases often underestimate the influence of professional investment funds from all over the world. Especially in the case of larger hotel projects, however, it is the hospitality buyers from distant countries who, with their high investment volume, are valuable contacts.

Identify experienced buyers for hotels in cities like Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Cologne or rural areas

Are you the owner of a resort and looking for a buyer? You are a successful real estate agent and are facing the challenge of finding a hotel in need of renovation? You are an asset manager and are looking for new strategic partners and co-investors? Thanks to our database, you don’t have to spend hours researching potential investors, but can start directly with approaching potential business partners. With our list we cover the complete hotel market in Germany and offer you access to large professional investment managers, hotel groups of all sizes, private investors and buyers you have not yet had on your screen. Convince yourself of our data and download the Excel list immediately.

Included in our list: contact details, company information, investment focus

  • General company information of the hotel buyers (name, company form, country of the company’s headquarters)
  • Contact details (address, e-mail address, telephone, name of the management)
  • Purchasing profile and investment focus (by asset class and geographical focus)
  • Investment volume or assets under management (AUM)
  • Ranking from A to E according to portfolio size, asset volume and investor relevance
Research Germany - List of 100 Largest Hotel Real Estate Investors

German hotels are perfectly suited as investments for large and small real estate investors

Professional real estate investors are increasingly keeping an eye on the German hotel market. In the current economic situation, investments in hotel real estate promise high return opportunities and the construction boom of recent years is constantly giving rise to exciting hotel projects. Specialised investment companies have emerged in the niches of the sector, bringing with them a high level of expertise and buying up properties throughout Germany. Our database of the most important hotel investors in Germany contains both large players operating on a European or even global scale and smaller companies.

With our list of the largest hotel buyers in Germany, brokers, consultants and Co. will find the right contacts

The variety of hotels and holiday properties is as large as the range of interested hotel investors in Germany. With our investor directory we successfully support experienced real estate agents, well networked consultancies of all sizes, project developers, asset managers and many other customer groups in their search for suitable contacts in the hotel industry. The research team of Research Germany has identified investors who have all kinds of holiday properties in their portfolio. These include not only hotels, but also holiday apartments and holiday homes, holiday resorts and hostels. The types of hotels can also be very different and range from boutique and design hotels, resorts and large hotel complexes to apartment hotels and small family-run hotels. Use our database to avoid wasting time with tedious research.

Service at Research Germany: free preview file of hotel investors Germany and regular updates

You are interested in our list of the most important hotel buyers in Germany and would like to get an impression of the address database? Simply send us an e-mail to contact[at] and we will send you a section of the list free of charge and without obligation. This way you can see the structure of our directory and see if you could work well with the list. Also if you have questions about our product or need specific information, we would be pleased to hear from you. However, our customer service does not stop with the purchase of a list. So we provide you with free extensions and updates of the file within one year after the purchase of a product. With our regular updates we ensure that our data is always up to date and we add new investors to the database. After the first year we offer you to receive the updates by mail in the future as well.

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