List of the 1,000 largest property managers Germany [2024]

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Features of ResearchgermanyContains the largest property management companies in Germany that manage residential and/or commercial units.

Excellent level of detail: Indication of focus on “WEG” management (residential property management), rental management and/or commercial management, number of managed units if available, number of managed properties if available, in-house leasing (yes/no), contact details, management, etc.

Suitable for serial letters: list contains columns for formal salutation, title, first and last name of the management.

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Commercial management

List of the 6 largest property management companies in Germany

Property management is one of the most common real estate services – a service that is in demand for rented apartment buildings, apartment complexes, houses with condominiums and commercial properties. The property manager takes care of maintenance and management.

Note: This list is an editorial compilation based on our database. Housing companies and housing cooperatives with their own management may be larger in some cases, but are listed separately in our database.

1. Reanovo Deutschland, Essen

The absolute leader – in terms of the number of units managed – is the real estate service provider Reanovo from Essen. In the field of property management, the industry leader, which is part of Emeria Holding, has over 200,000 units under management throughout Germany. Approximately 1,000 employees in around 60 offices ensure that the management of properties in 400 cities runs smoothly. The service portfolio is as extensive as it is complex, ranging from the preparation of operating cost statements and janitor services for minor repairs to the holding of owners’ meetings.

2. Treubau Verwaltung GmbH, Mannheim

Treubau Verwaltung is a subsidiary of Familienheim Rhein-Neckar eG – a Mannheim-based building cooperative – and part of Immobiliengruppe Rhein-Neckar, an association of regional real estate companies with different orientations. The Treubau business focuses on technical, commercial and infrastructural building management. The property management business is operated from 10 locations throughout Germany. The main focus is on southern Germany, the Bonn region and Berlin and its environs.

3. DIM Holding AG, Berlin

DIM Deutsche Immobilien Management has been around since the 1990s. After having belonged to the French real estate manager Gestrim in the meantime, the company has been majority-owned by some private investors since 2013. DIM operates its business throughout Germany from eight locations. The main focus is on Berlin, northern Germany and Bavaria. A milestone in 2017 was the acquisition of the German property management business of Augsburg-based real estate fund company PATRIZIA.

4. Heinrich Bossert Immobilien KG, Munich

Bossert Immobilien has been around since 1925, and managing rental properties was part of its business model from the very beginning. Later, the company also operated as a real estate broker, developer and real estate investor. This is still the case today. Today Bossert Immobilien offers property management, management of rental houses, WEG management and rental management in the area of property management. Other locations besides Munich are Frankfurt/Main and Düsseldorf.

Update 2023: In March 2023, Heinrich Bossert Immobilien KG opened a location in Karlsruhe. The reason for opening the Karlsruhe office is the acquisition of the Baden-Württemberg real estate portfolio of a German pension reinsurance company. As a result, the company now operates locations in Munich, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf and now Karlsruhe.

Update 2024: In January 2024, Heinrich Bossert Immobilien KG announces that it is taking over the property management for a portfolio of 28 commercial properties for a Munich-based family office. The total lettable area is around 65,000 square meters.

5. ACKERMANN Hausverwaltung GmbH, Munich

The history of the ACKERMANN group of companies goes back to 1919. Even then, the company was involved in property management for rental properties. In the 1950s, the brokerage business was established and expanded in Munich. Today, the company sees itself as a full-service provider in the real estate sector. The business focus is on Munich and the surrounding area. ACKERMANN offers residential and rental property management as well as property management for commercial properties.

6. CAPERA Immobilien Service GmbH, Neu-Isenburg

CAPERA is part of the CORESTATE Capital Group, a Luxembourg-based real estate investment company. CAPERA Immobilien Service has only been around since 2021, and CORESTATE will be bundling its property management activities under this brand in the future. The offering is targeted at the German market. The new subsidiary has 14 locations across Germany and manages 29,000 residential and commercial units. The property management offering includes residential real estate, commercial real estate, residential property, janitor services, real estate leasing and sales.

Rental management

Services of german property managers: WEG, rental and condominium management

The range of services offered by property managers is broad and covers in particular the three core areas of residential property management (WEG management), rental management and condominium management. Some companies specialise in certain areas (usually WEG management), while others cover the complete range. For professional investors and asset managers, property management companies that are active in the area of WEG management are particularly relevant. Private owners are more likely to look for property managers who can handle rental or condominium management. You will find all types of property management companies in our comprehensive database. We wish you success in identifying the most suitable company for your needs.

House managers from Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Hamburg and Co.

The special feature of our list is the coverage of numerous cities from all over Germany. Of course, our database includes property managers from Munich, Berlin, Frankfurt, Cologne and Co. But property managers from smaller cities in all German federal states are also included in our list. This means we can help you contact potential partners throughout Germany and save you hours of research. The top property managers from Germany are, in fact, especially those who are market leaders in certain regions. For example, some property managers limit themselves to metropolitan regions, conurbations or even individual towns and cities. Due to their optimal networking in the region, these medium-sized property managers are often extremely valuable partners. We wish you success in your approach and good business.

This information and contact details are included

  • Contact details of the top property managers in Germany (address, e-mail address, telephone number, names of management)
  • Form of address of the management suitable for serial letters (e.g. “Dear Dr. Müller”)
  • Information on whether WEG management, rental management and/or commercial management is offered
  • Number of properties and units managed (if indicated)

Perfect partners for brokers, owners, investors, asset managers and more

When compiling the list, our research team took a close look at the entire German real estate market, so you can contact companies from all over Germany. In particular, the list contains many medium-sized property managers who, due to their regional relevance, are particularly valuable partners for players in the real estate scene in Germany. Property managers are valuable partners for numerous players in the real estate industry. First of all, real estate agents like to enter into long-term partnerships with property managers to assist with leasing and brokerage. It is not uncommon for estate agents and property managers to work together closely and in a spirit of trust to provide landlords with optimal support in finding tenants. Furthermore, property managers are of course important contacts for owners and investors. Particularly in the case of WEG management, experts are sought who can take on the work and contribute to a sustainable increase in returns. It also makes sense for asset managers to work with German property management companies. This applies not only to administrative management, but especially to the technical management of a property. The transition to facility management is often fluid, so asset managers can focus on purely business tasks.

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