List of the 2,500 largest real estate agents Germany [2024 Update]

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Features of ResearchgermanyContains the 2,500 most relevant real estate agents from Germany who broker residential, commercial and investment properties.

Excellent level of detail: brokerage focus, regional focus, top broker categorization, contact details, management names.

Suitable for serial letters: list contains columns for formal salutation, title, first and last name of the management.

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List of 10 large real estate agents in Germany

Below we present some exciting brokerage firms from our comprehensive German brokerage directory. The featured brokers are located in various cities. They are independent brokers, as well as franchise chains.

1. Aigner Immobilien GmbH (Munich)

2021 can celebrate Aigner real estates in Munich the 30jährige firm anniversary. Since 1991, owner and founder Thomas Aigner has presided over the company, which today has 140 employees and is represented at 7 locations in Munich as well as in nearby Pullach and Starnberg. The power spectrum of Aigner real estates covers classical housing real estate switching, the marketing of Investmentprojekten and the selling of building contractor objects. A further pillar of the business is (real estate) financing consulting. Geographically, the company’s activities cover the greater Munich area. With a property volume of 480 million euros and over 17 million in sales in 2020, Aigner Immobilen considers itself Munich’s largest owner-managed real estate broker.

Update 2023: In the broker ranking of the “Immobilienmanager” magazine, Aigner Immobilien has again occupied one of the top positions. Thus, the brokerage turnover was increased to over 20 million, which is a top value in the Munich region.

2. Anteon Immobilien GmbH & Co. KG (Düsseldorf)

Anteon Immobilien was founded in 2008 by five real estate experts and is an owner-managed Düsseldorf-based company for real estate consulting and brokerage.Geographically, the company focuses on the Düsseldorf metropolitan region. Anteon Immobilien is preferably engaged in the field of office, mixed-use, hotel and logistics real estate, but also in other commercial properties for capital investments. Target group are investors and owners, furthermore Anteon Immobilien realizes concepts for office leasing.Strategic consulting, leasing, investment, research and workplace consulting have been defined as strategic service areas.Since its founding, the company has brokered commercial real estate worth more than one billion euros.The company employs 35 people.

3. Armin Quester Immobilien GmbH (Duisburg)

In the middle of the economic miracle years – 1953 – Armin Quester founded a real estate agency in the Ruhr metropolis Duisburg. Today the company is continued by his son and his wife in 2nd generation.With 6 coworkers Armin Quester real estates ranks among the old-established Duisburger broker companies.With the switching the emphasis lies on residential objects (single family houses, multi-family houses, dwelling and business houses, free-hold apartments).Also in the service portfolio:Brokerage of logistics and production properties, office space and land.Geographically the switching takes place above all in the Duisburg area.However, the company also serves real estate markets in the rest of the Ruhr region, especially in Mülheim an der Ruhr, Oberhausen, Essen, Moers, Dinslaken, Bochum and Dortmund.

4. Dahler & Company Group (Hamburg)

Dahler & Company Immobilien in Hamburg combines its activities as a classic real estate agent in the Hamburg area with a nationwide brokerage franchise model.In total, the brand name can now be found in more than 45 German cities.More than 70 brokerage offices use the company concept as franchisees.Dahler & Company serves a premium segment.One specialized in the switching of high-quality living objects in looked for situations.The sister company DC Developments is active as a project developer (also beyond residential projects) in Hamburg and Berlin.Together, Dahler & Company Immobilien and DC Developments form the Dahler & Company Group with more than 400 employees.

Update 2024: After acquiring several new license partners in 2023, Dahler & Company believes it is well equipped for 2024. In autumn 2023, for example, license partner Olaf Burchardt opened up another interesting real estate market in the Rhein-Sieg district.

5. Hegerich Immobilien GmbH (Munich)

Hegerich Immobilien is a Bavarian real estate company founded in 2009 with headquarters in Munich and two additional locations in Nuremberg and Fürth.With a total of about 20 employees, the two Bavarian metropolitan regions of Munich and Nuremberg are well covered.Hegerich Immobilien operates a classic real estate brokerage (buying, selling, renting, letting) with a focus on residential properties.However, commercial properties are also brokered.A further business field is the sales partner activity for builders and project developers.Hegerich Immobilien is independent and owner-managed.The enterprise possesses the real estate agent certification after DIN EN 15733 and guarantees thereby high quality standards and the observance of exemplary rules of conduct.

6. Engel & Völkers (Hamburg)

Engel & Völkers AG, headquartered in Hamburg, has been in existence since 1977 and is one of the major brokerage brands in Germany – and beyond. At the same time, Engel & Völkers is one of the largest German franchise systems. Engel & Völkers brokers act as independent franchisees within the framework of licensed partnerships. The franchise system is now active in over 800 locations in 30 countries. Last year, it achieved an aggregate brokerage fee turnover of almost 670 million euros. Engel & Völkers covers the entire range of real estate brokerage services. The company is organized into divisions, with licensing taking place under the umbrella of each division – for example, Engel & Völkers Commercial for commercial real estate, Engel & Völkers Residential for residential real estate, and so on.

7. LBS Immobilien GmbH Northwest (Münster)

LBS Immobilien GmbH Nordwest is sponsored by Westdeutsche Landesbausparkasse (LBS West) and Norddeutsche Landesbausparkasse Berlin-Hannover (LBS Nord). It is closely linked to the savings bank organization via this. The company was founded back in the early 1970s. In this sense, LBS Immobilien GmbH Nordwest operates real estate brokerage in the area of the federal states of North Rhine-Westphalia, Lower Saxony, Bremen and Berlin. Last year, it brokered around 13,500 properties worth €2.7 billion. The LBS subsidiary has around 150,000 prospective real estate buyers. The focus of the brokerage business is on residential properties for owner-occupation or as capital investments.

8. Sparkassen-Immobilien-Vermittlungs-GmbH (Berlin)

Sparkassen-Immobilien-Vermittlungs-GmbH is the organizational umbrella under which the real estate agents of the Bavarian savings banks and the Bavarian Landesbausparkasse operate. Currently, around 350 real estate agents work under this umbrella throughout Bavaria. Last year, the Munich-based company brokered more than 8,700 properties with a total value of 2.7 billion euros. The brokerage fee turnover achieved in 2017 was 112.7 million euros – a record result. The focus of real estate brokerage is on residential properties, but commercial properties are also brokered.

9. PlanetHome Group GmbH (Munich)

The “PlanetHome” brand has been around for over 25 years – originally a joint venture between Hypo-Bank and Bayerische Vereinsbank. The real estate brokerage company was sold to investors in 2015 by the now merged HypoVereinsbank (today: UniCredit Bank). Since then, PlanetHome and the bank have officially gone their separate ways, but there is still a business cooperation. The PlanetHome Group operates with several subsidiaries in Germany and Austria. Since the beginning of business more than 85,000 real estate units could be mediated. The core business consists of residential real estate brokerage with a strong focus on online brokerage. PlanetHome has around 80 locations in Germany.

10. Postbank Immobilien GmbH (Hamelin)

Postbank Immobilien GmbH, based in Hamelin, was founded in 1984 as BHW Immobilien as part of BHW (Beamtenheimstättenwerk) and joined Postbank via the BHW takeover in 2006. Due to the takeover and merger of Postbank with Deutsche Bank in the meantime, Postbank Immobilien GmbH is now part of the Deutsche Bank Group. Postbank Immobilien GmbH employs around 650 real estate agents throughout Germany who broker real estate under the Postbank brand. The focus is on residential properties. The average brokerage portfolio is around 7,000 properties.

Picture source: R ARCHITECTURE via Unsplash (19.07.2023)

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The most relevant german RE brokers

With our list of the most important German real estate agents, we offer a unique overview of the German real estate market. Our list allows you to identify and contact numerous relevant estate agents and real estate brokers with just a few clicks. The list contains information on the agent’s focus (e.g. whether residential or commercial property or investment property is offered), managing directors’ names and general contact details. In addition, the list distinguishes once again in a column between regular estate agents and so-called “top estate agents”: these are brokerage houses that stand out due to a high property offer and numerous transactions.

How do we build our directory?

Hundreds of hours of work went into the creation of our real estate agent list. For the creation of the entries, real estate advertisements were analysed, our network was interviewed, Google research was conducted, transaction reports were screened and press releases were evaluated. We launched the first real estate agent listing on the market in 2017. In 2022, we passed the mark of 2,500 real estate agents. Our clients benefit from free updates and extensions for at least 12 months.

Important note: our list is an editorial compilation which cannot guarantee that there are not still estate agents larger than the companies included. We are always focused on improving our list. That’s why we offer free updates – and welcome feedback to contact [at] (for example, if you know of another agent we’ve missed).

How our database is used

Our real estate agent list is used by various client groups. For example, numerous real estate investment companies use our real estate agent database to expand their real estate agent network. Through the list, relevant agents for the purchase and sale of properties can be identified and approached. Many project developers also use the list to discover relevant regional brokers who are relevant for the purchase of properties or the sale of completed projects. In addition, numerous service providers and technology providers also make use of our list of top real estate agents, such as homestaging companies, software providers, facility managers, photographers, advertising agencies, etc.

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These data are included in the directory

Our real estate agent list is designed to best assist our clients in achieving their goals and building relevant contacts. The following data are included in the list:

  • Name
  • Regional focus
  • Focus residential?
  • Focus commercial?
  • Focus investment property / investment estate agent?
  • Top real estate agent?
  • URL
  • City
  • Address
  • E-mail (general)
  • Telephone (general)
  • Management
  • Form of address of the management suitable for serial letters (e.g. “Dear Dr. Müller”)
  • Entry created
  • Last checked
  • Last updated

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