List of the 200 largest property managers Switzerland [2023]

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List of 3 large property managers in Switzerland

Our list of the largest property managers in Switzerland includes the leading real estate property managers and facility management companies in the Swiss Confederation. These are both brokers with affiliated management as well as pure property managers. In the following we present three exciting companies from our list.

1. PRIVERA AG (Gümlingen)

The Gümlingen-based company PRIVERA AG is part of the Investis Group and is one of the top property managers in Switzerland. The company employs more than 460 people. These can be found at 12 locations. The company won the Swiss Real Estate Award 2021 in the category of property management. Its service portfolio includes the areas of “property management,” “co-ownership association,” “retail & site management,” “leasing management,” “retail” and “construction management.” In addition, the company has been running a VAT center of excellence for over 10 years.

Update 2023: Andrea Wegmüller moves from Privera AG to the real estate developer Zug Estates AG. Since the beginning of 2022, the manager was COO at Privera and also responsible as Head of Property Management Switzerland.

2. Adimmo AG (Basel)

Another exciting property management company is Basel-based Adimmo AG. This manages more than 14,000 properties in Switzerland with rental income of over CHF 125M. Adimmo is part of the Basellandschaftliche Pensionskasse. The company was founded in 2000 through a management buy-out of ATAG Ernst & Young. Adimmo’s main areas of business are traditional real estate sales, portfolio management and property management. Management also includes the administration of condominiums.

3. Livit AG (Zurich)

The latter leading Swiss real estate management company is Livit AG from Zurich. It has been part of Swiss Life since 1999, but operates autonomously. For Swiss real estate owners, Livit offers property management, rental management, construction management and facility management. Top Swiss real estate companies are among Livit’s clients and partners, such as Basler Versicherungen, Avadis, Swiss Re, publica and the Rheinmetall pension fund.

Picture source: Vincent Wachowiak via Unsplash (30.08.2023)

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Largest Real Estate Managers in Switzerland

Swiss real estate management companies play an important part in the Swiss real estate market. They act as a link between owners and tenants. Many managers take over entire portfolio management for larger owners, including the associated controlling and reporting. Property management in Switzerland is also central. Here, the focus is on a balanced relationship between preservation and development of the property as well as optimization of rental income.

Property Management and Stockholder Ownership

A central component of property management – in addition to the management of tenant concerns – is the administration of costs. Payments have to be monitored, service charge statements prepared and passed on to tenants. This also includes the tax-ready preparation of receipts and overviews. Switzerland’s top property managers are active in all these areas.

This information and contact details are included in the list

  • Contact details of the top property managers in Switzerland (address, e-mail address, telephone number, names of management)
  • Indication of focus on property management, rental management and/or commercial management, condominium management
  • Number of properties and units managed (if indicated)

Picture source: Sebastian Staines via Unsplash (30.08.2023)


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