List of the 250 largest real estate agents Austria [2023 Update]

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List of 5 large real estate agents in Austria

Our list of the largest real estate agents in Austria provides straightforward access to the most relevant players in the country. The Austrian real estate market is extremely diverse, so the brokers have a special importance. Brokers’ offerings range from apartment buildings in Vienna or Salzburg to retail parks in Upper Austria to hotels and tourism properties in Tyrol. In the following, we present five particularly relevant companies from our list so that you can get an impression of the companies included.

1. s REAL Real Estate (Vienna)

s REAL was founded back in 1979 and now has 80 locations throughout Austria. The company is the real estate service provider of Erste Bank and Sparkasse and can thus draw on a strong network and major partners. The range of services offered by s REAL is certainly one of the largest and most comprehensive in Austria. In addition to the brokerage of residential real estate, the company is also active in the field of commercial real estate.

2. Schantl ITH Immobilientreuhand GmbH (Graz)

Schantl ITH Immobilientreuhand is a Styrian family business with headquarters in Graz and a branch office in Vienna. Although the company is not one of the largest real estate agents in the country, it has nevertheless established a firm place for itself in the real estate scene. The brokerage company masters the brokerage of condominiums, investor properties as well as houses and has been able to exclusively market more and more high-quality new construction projects in recent years.

3. Raiffeisen Immobilien Austria (Vienna)

More than 7,000 transactions per year, 96 brokerage offices throughout Austria and almost 300 employees: these figures speak for themselves. Raiffeisen Immobilien Österreich is Raiffeisen’s real estate broker organization and is one of the absolute heavyweights in the Austrian real estate market. The largest association broker in the country covers the complete range of residential real estate, commercial real estate and land and is particularly present in the marketing of new construction.

Update 2023: In May 2023, Raiffeisen Immobilien Salzburg was again awarded the title of Salzburg’s largest broker. For the umbrella brand is also a Honrarumsatz of over €38M to book. This is Austria-wide top value.

4. Ferstl Immobilien GmbH (Zell am See)

Ferstl Immobilien, with offices in Zell am See and Salzburg, specializes in the brokerage of high-quality and exclusive real estate. In the portfolio of the broker can be found condominiums, new construction projects and investment properties as well as spectacular villas, vacation properties and commercial properties. Also the switching of real estates abroad is offered by Ferstl real estates.

5. Poetsch real estates GmbH (Salzburg)

Poetsch real estates stands out in the mass of the Austrian brokers in particular by the successful history with the switching of large objects. These can be hotels exactly the same as agricultural estates, large sea properties or stately mansions. The real estate agent from Salzburg supports not only with the switching of yield objects, but also with the valuation.

Picture source: Dahee Son via Unsplash (31.08.2023)

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Real Estate brokers from Austria for direct download

Our overview of the most relevant real estate agents from Austria is the optimal resource to get a quick and comprehensive overview of the most important players. The list is available for immediate download via our online store and is regularly updated by our experienced research team. In addition to general contact information and the names of the management, our database also contains information on the regional focus of the real estate agents as well as the focus according to residential properties and/or commercial properties. If you have any questions about our product, we would be happy to assist you with our data.

This information is included in the list

  • Name and website of the most important real estate agents in Austria
  • Regional focus of the real estate agents (e.g. Vienna, Upper Austria, Tyrol, Salzburg etc.)
  • Residential and commercial activities (yes/no)
  • Investment broker for investment properties (yes/no)
  • General contact details (address, e-mail address, telephone number)
  • Name of the management

Picture source: Jason Briscoe via Unsplash (31.08.2023)


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