Top 100 Project Developers in Switzerland – List of the Largest Real Estate Developers

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The 100 Largest Project Developers in Switzerland in our Database

Our database offers over one hundred entries on the most important project developers in Switzerland. For the listed developers we provide the detailed development focus (office, residential, retail, logistics, care for the elderly and hotels). In order to make contacting them as easy as possible, there is a wide range of contact information (email, telephone, addresses, company directors) for the individual Swiss project developers. The size of the project developers in Switzerland is also indicated by a ranking ranging from A to E.

You receive the list as an easily editable Excel list, it is sortable and thus adapts to your needs. For example, you can filter by project developers from Zurich who specialise in retail properties. In the first year after purchasing the list, we will send you free updates of the list. In addition to the list of the largest project developers in Switzerland, we offer numerous other industry and investor lists, such as the database of the most important real estate investors in Switzerland.

Detailed Information and Details About the Real Estate Developers: Ranking, Asset Classes, Contact Details

With our database you have the perfect tool to start your search for the right project developer on the Swiss market. The classification from A to E helps to categorize the developers in a meaningful way. In the first class A the developers are active in several cities in Switzerland and also in (European) countries. The developed projects have an investment framework of sometimes more than 100 million Euros. In contrast, the E-project developers are more active at a regional level and mostly focus on residential construction. The present database is a profile of the economic sector, each with a development focus. Here, as mentioned above, there are the categories office, residential, hotel, retail and health and care. The contact details in particular create real added value and facilitate, for example, sales activities with the names of the respective company management, emails, postal addresses and telephone numbers.

The Best Database for Selling Properties, Generating Leads and Market Research

With this extraordinarily extensive list of project developers in Switzerland, we support clients from a wide range of industries. Real estate agents and property owners consult the database to sell properties and land at a profit. Project developers are constantly interested in properties and plots of land with potential for appreciation and yield, which they can develop. The possibility of upgrading and developing buildings arises on a wide variety of occasions: Buildings that are dilapidated, additional designated area that can be built on, upgrading, further redevelopment and repair needs. Empty properties can be used for new projects. Other players in the market, such as brokers, producers of building materials, advertising agencies and digital offers in the construction industry find potential buyers.

Particularly Popular Property Class Among Project Developers in Switzerland: Residential Property

More than half of Swiss project developers are active in the residential property sector. The range of types of buildings containing residential units is very diverse. Some specialise in condominiums for sale, residential complexes for sale to institutional investors, listed properties or micro-apartments. Project developers usually have a group of buildings as their focus, which they manage. One example here is refurbishment, where properties in top locations are acquired, renovated and then resold to individuals as high-quality condominiums. Others specialise in new project developments where land is bought up and existing properties are demolished in order to redesign an overall project.

Another Relevant Focus of the Largest Project Developers in Switzerland: Office and Administrative Buildings

The second most common class of investment in the real estate sector is office property. Similar to the residential sector, there are again different types of properties. Some project developers build high-rise buildings in Zurich’s office district, while others specialize in business parks in rural areas. However, other types of property are just as often bought up and then converted into office property. The type of further procedure for such properties varies. Some are resold in so-called global sales, while others are simply held in their own portfolio.

Asset Class for Specialised Real Estate Developers From Our List of Top Project Developers CH: Retail Properties

Another very interesting asset class is retail real estate. This includes any location where goods or services can be purchased. Here, project developers design new shopping centres on greenfield sites or shopping centres in the city centre, as well as the development of mixed properties consisting of residential and commercial units is part of it. One category that has gained enormously in importance in recent years is specialist stores, such as DIY stores or garden centres. Accordingly, project developers develop a wide variety of retail property types: shopping centres, specialist stores, mixed-use commercial buildings, supermarkets.

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