Real Estate Investors in Northern Germany: These 3 Regional Investors are Buying

Real Estate Investors in Northern Germany: These 3 Regional Investors are buying

Northern Germany is not precisely defined but, generally, it refers to the parts of Germany where “Low German” is spoken or which lie in the North German Plain. Politically speaking, Northern Germany includes the city states of Hamburg and Bremen and the federal states of Schleswig-Holstein, Lower Saxony and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, as well as parts of Westphalia (in North Rhine-Westphalia), Saxony-Anhalt and Brandenburg. It makes up about one-third of the area of the Federal Republic of Germany. With the two Hanseatic cities of Hamburg and Bremen and major cities such as Hanover, Kiel, Münster, Bielefeld and Osnabrück, Northern Germany has significant conurbations and urban centres. Because of this, some real estate investors have focused their investments in northern Germany. In this post, we will present three of them.

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1. Buhlmann Immobilien GmbH – Investment focus: commercial real estate and mixed-use properties

Buhlmann Immobilien is an owner-managed Bremen-based real estate company that has been active in Northern Germany for decades. Legally, it consists of two companies: Buhlmann Immobilien GmbH, which is active as a project developer and builder, and Buhlmann & LMB Property Management GbR. It is responsible for the management of its own real estate portfolio. The portfolio consists of around 60 properties and includes various types of real estate (residential buildings, commercial properties, mixed-use properties, retail space, etc.). The investment focus is in Bremen. Buhlmann projects can also be found in other locations in Northern Germany, for example in Cuxhaven, Wilhelmshaven or Wolfsburg.

Purchases are made both for project developments and to expand the real estate portfolio. The purchasing profiles differ depending on the objective:

Project developments

They look for undeveloped and developed plots in large conurbations (A and B cities, cities with dynamic growth). In the case of developed plots, preference is given to areas with demolition, redevelopment or conversion objects. However, land with buildings that are let for a longer period of time is also purchased if the project development is planned for later. The plots should allow a gross floor area of 1,000 sqm or more and projects at least EUR 5 million.

Real estate portfolio

Here, properties are primarily purchased in Bremen, but also in northern German A and B cities. Demand is for commercial properties (office, commercial, retail) or mixed-use properties (residential with a commercial component) of medium to good quality with a low investment backlog. Residential buildings must comprise at least 8 to 10 residential units.

2. Kordes Invest GmbH – Investment focus: residential and commercial properties with value potential

Kordes Invest is a Berlin real estate company with a focus on the northern German region. Behind it is Berlin-based real estate agent Tim Kordes. His goal is to offer wealthy private individuals, entrepreneurs and family offices access to profitable real estate investments starting at EUR 5 million for a medium-term period. Accordingly, Kordes Invest consistently calls itself a “Real Estate Family Office”. The aim of real estate investments is to achieve above-average returns by systematically exploiting the potential for value enhancement. However, the focus is not only on higher resale values but also on good current income.

With this in mind, Kordes Invest acquires and develops properties for its clients. The acquisition profile is as follows:

  • They look for residential and commercial buildings, residential complexes, commercial properties (primarily office use) in the range of EUR 0.5 million to EUR 10 million, preferably in the Value-Added and Opportunistic asset classes;
  • Sought-after investment locations: Berlin, Hamburg and Kiel (each with surrounding countryside), inner-city locations in Neumünster, Bremen and Flensburg, as well as on Sylt and Usedom
  • Both old buildings and newer properties (from the 1950s) are purchased. “Special circumstances” such as hereditary building rights, investment backlog, vacancies, real estate pension models are no obstacle.

3. Schramm & Schoen Immobilien AG – Investment focus: office and residential properties

Schramm & Schoen Immobilien in Hanover has existed since 1991 and is an owner-managed company. Under the umbrella of Schramm & Schoen Immobilien AG, Schramm & Schoen Investment GmbH, Norddeutsche Wohnbau GmbH and S & P Planungsgesellschaft für Hochbau mbH take manage real estate projects. Schramm & Schoen Investment generally takes over the purchase, development, management and sale of land and properties. Norddeutsche Wohnbau specifically develops condominiums and apartment buildings in northern Germany for own use or capital investment. The subsidiary S & P Planung is responsible for planning in this context.

Schramm & Schoen Immobilien purchases the following properties:

Office properties

They seek value-added properties from EUR 2 million in northern Germany, preferably in and around Hanover, Berlin, Braunschweig, Hamburg, Hildesheim and Göttingen. They buy existing properties suitable for project development or refurbishment, as well as corresponding plots in central locations or established office locations – often with vacancy rates of over 50 percent.

Residential properties

Investments in Core+ and Value Added properties of up to 50 million euros are made here. Preferred locations include Hanover, Berlin, Bremen, Göttingen, Hamburg, Oldenburg, Lüneburg. Portfolio properties suitable for project development or refurbishment are purchased, including corresponding plots of land in good residential locations with solid occupancy rates or potential.

Picture source: Julia Solonina

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