The Amity Of Hedge Funds And Family Offices

Hedge Funds: The Strive For Absolute Returns By Taking High Risks

Hedge funds are investment funds that pursue various investment strategies and manage diverse types of assets. In general, they aim to generate high positive returns regardless of whether markets are rising or falling. In other words: they strive for absolute returns. Therefore, these funds invest more actively than others and tend to use more aggressive investment strategies and positions in order to improve their risk-reward-balance. Not everyone is able to invest in hedge funds. Only sophisticated or accredited investors have access to these investment funds. As these funds are not publicly accessible they can avoid regulatory oversight to a certain extent and, therefore, can operate more flexibly.

Many family offices chose this type of investment funds to invest their high amounts of capital. Read below, why hedge funds are a suitable investment partner for family offices.

Why Family Offices Tend To Invest Their Money In Hedge Funds

Family offices manage the capital of wealthy families and transact different investments. Basically, they know how to handle high amounts of money. Moreover, family offices are expert players in the financial markets so that they are at a premium for hedge funds. Besides, they aim to operate discreetly and want to prevent public attention. In many cases, the families in the background of the family offices are rather unknown. As hedge funds operate with the same discretion, they are a suitable investment partner for family offices. In addition, family offices can benefit from the huge network of these investment funds in order to invest in the most profitable way.

In general, it is quite difficult to figure out the field of family offices due to their undisclosed actions. However, for many various firms it might be highly beneficial to address these firms. As they have a lot of money on hand and tend to invest in the long term family offices are valuable investors. Besides, family offices are qualified companions when looking for co-investors or partners in order to exploit new markets. By doing extensive research on this topic we aimed to shed a light on the most significant family offices. Discover our Top 300 Single Family Offices Germany and Top 400 Single Family Offices USA and many others. Good luck finding the perfectly suitable partner for your investments with the help of our exclusive Family Offices Lists!

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