From Football to Wealth Management: The Bright Family Office

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From football to family offices: Bum Bright did it all. Formally named Harvey Roberts “Bum” Bright, he was an American businessman, philanthropist, and owner of the Dallas Cowboys from 1984 to 1989. But his legacy lives on today through his real estate development organization, Bright Industries and the related family office, Bright Equities.

Bright Industries

Founded in 1950 by Bum Bright, Bright Industries focusses on real estate development and home building operations. Today the organization is led by Bum’s sons Chris and Clay Bright who
direct the real estate activities and 300+ employees within the organization.

Its real estate development and home building operations span an array of prestigious projects for wealth clients, from mansions to commercial real estate and golf courses.  

Bright Equities

Bright Equities is the family’s financial firm which offers full family office services. The Texas firm now spans four generations and claims to be extremely client-focussed. Like many family offices, it was originally a Single Family office that served only the needs of the Bright Family, but it has evolved to now provide resource management for other select families. It also offers capital advisory services, investment and asset management solutions through their subsidiary Bright Wealth Management and risk management solutions through their subsidiary Bright Insurance Services.

List of Family offices in Germany, United States and UK

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