A portrait of a Zurich developer and real estate investor: SFP

A portrait of a Zurich developer and real estate investor: SFP

Zurich – the largest city in Switzerland and the country’s economic and financial centre – is an interesting market for real estate investors. Compared to other European markets, the prices are in the top ranks and are significantly higher than those of Munich.

Anyone looking for real estate investors, property developers and project developers in the Limmat city will inevitably come across the name SFP. The abbreviation SFP stands for Swiss Finance & Property – a multi-faceted group of companies that deals with real estate, real estate services and real estate investments. SFP is on our list of the 100 largest Swiss real estate investors as well as on our list of the 100 largest Swiss project developers.

SP Urban Properties – part of the SFP Group

The SFP Group was founded in 1991. The headquarters of the group is located in Zug, 30 km from Zurich. SFP describes itself as one of the largest independent real estate asset managers in Switzerland. According to its own information, the assets under management amount to CHF 6.1 billion. A number of subsidiaries are located under the umbrella of the two parent companies Swiss Finance & Property AG and Swiss Finance & Funds AG. The property branch includes SP Urban Properties AG Zurich.

Until recently, SP Urban Properties (SFUP) operated under the name Swiss Finance & Property Investment (SFPI). The company deals with real estate investments and real estate development. The geographical focus is on Zurich and Basel. SFUP invests in commercial, residential and development properties. The aim is either to achieve long-term stable good returns through letting or to increase value through conversion, renovation and expansion as a property developer or project developer.

In mid-2019 SFUP had 50 properties in its portfolio with a value of almost CHF 655 million. In terms of value, properties in Zurich account for almost 57 percent of the total, while properties in Basel account for a good third. A good 57 percent of the portfolio is invested in commercial real estate (office and commercial buildings), almost 29 percent in residential real estate, and 14 percent in mixed-use properties.

SFUP real estate investments and property development projects in Zurich

SFUP currently owns 25 properties in Zurich (as of November 2019). These are a broadly diversified portfolio of buildings with various sizes and types of use. There is also a wide range in terms of age, location and equipment. Three examples of Zurich SFUP properties are:

  • Property Niederdorfstrasse 70/Zähringerstrasse 33: a historic commercial building with approx. 1100 sqm of lettable space in Zurich’s old town;
  • Klausstrasse 4 property: a modern office building in a prime location near the eastern shore of Lake Zurich with over 3,300 sqm of space;
  • Object Birmensdorferstrasse 20/Grüngasse 2: a mixed-use property in the Werd district with approx. 3,800 sqm of space

Current projects in Zurich concern the development of an ensemble of already older residential buildings at Badenerstrasse 425 – 431 near the well-known Letzigrund stadium. In the case of the half-owned ensemble, possibilities are being examined for a new development that would almost double the current utilisation. In addition, a plot of land at Klusstrasse 38 in the Hirslanden district has been secured – a prime location. Here, a property development property with 14 apartments is to be built by the 1st quarter of 2020.

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