List of 3 Barcelona-based real estate Investors

List of 3 barcelona based real estate Investors

Barcelona is one of the largest and most important cities in Spain. Located in the northeast of the country, the Catalan capital is one of the economic centres of Spain. With over 1.6 million inhabitants, the city is one of the most populous cities in Europe. This is not the only reason why the city is of interest to real estate investors. In our list of the 150 largest real estate investors in Spain, we have numerous investors from Barcelona. Below we present 3 of them.

The real estate investors listed below are all part of our list of the 150 largest real estate investors in Spain

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1. Meridia Capital

Meridia Capital is an investment firm based in Barcelona with a branch in Madrid. 27 professional investment managers work at Meridia Capital, including Javier Faus, the firm’s chairman. The company operates in real estate, private equity, and venture capital, where it manages five funds. Three of them are for real estate and one each for private equity and venture capital. The firm operates throughout Spain and has raised over 850 million euros since its inception. The real estate funds are called Meridia II, Meridia III and Meridia IV. Meridia II and Meridia III invest in several real estate sectors such as office, logistics, hotel, retail, and residential properties, and also development properties, which may be present in the fund with a maximum of 20%. The focus of the fund is on value-add properties, mainly located in Barcelona and Madrid. An exemplary investment of the fund is the AECUS project in Madrid, which consists of 12 retail properties and has a total area of 29,000 square meters. Meridia IV invests similarly to the other two funds, but the fund invests exclusively in office, logistics and hotel properties and a maximum of 15% in alternative investments. In addition, there is Greenfield development with a maximum of 20%. In addition to Spain, the fund invests up to 10% of the money in Portugal.

2. ADVERO Properties Socimi, S.A.

ADVERO is a real estate investor founded in 2017 that operates as SOCIMI, which is roughly equivalent to a REIT. ADVERO is subordinated to the British company ADEQUITA Capital Ltd. According to ADVERO Properties’ investment strategy, the company focuses exclusively on residential properties that are 15 years old or less. ADVERO buys properties in middle class neighbourhoods in the largest Spanish cities or in their outskirts. The company currently owns 11 properties with 173 apartments, an exemplary investment being the Ventura Rodríguez in Málaga. The building, built in 2011, has 13 apartments on five floors.

3. Conren Tramway

ConrenTramway is a private real estate investor and asset manager based in Barcelona. The company was born from a partnership formed in 2016 between the Spanish company Tramway Capital and the German COMREN Land. The company specializes in core+, value-add, and development office properties in Spain, but also invests in residential and mixed-use properties. The company invests mainly in Madrid and Barcelona and other major cities in Spain. An exemplary investment of the firm is the A160 office building in Barcelona.

Picture Source: Miltiadis Fragkidis

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